A little bit about us

We tell stories told through high-level production techniques. We are in a sense an American factory. Nothing leaves our four walls until we know it is ready for the world.

About Don Cherel

And now a few words about the man who started it all:

DCP Productions was founded by Don Cherel. In a few words, he loves what he does. And what he has created. He writes and loves to work with great writers. He produces and loves to work with great producers. He directs and loves to work with great directors. He’s a cinematographer and loves to work with great cinematographers. And he loves that years ago he had a vision that keeping it all under one roof was what clients would be looking for when it comes to high level yet affordable products.

Our Process.

The five key ingredients that make us different.
Creative design, Pre-production, Field production,
Post Production and Content Delivery – all under one roof.
It’s not a secret in fact we openly share
it with anyone who asks.

  • 01.


    An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

    Do we really need all these people? YES

    Do we really need all this equipment? YES

    Our process is our product, and so pre-production is a process we focus on meticulously.

    One DCP advantage: We’ve had 15 plus years to make mistakes, learn from them and deliver stellar work year after year.

    Pre-production is key to a successful shoot as well as project delivery, without it we have nothing.

  • 02.

    Creative Design

    This sh#t writes itself!

    No it doesn’t.

    It requires a talented group of passionate creatives to distill every influential piece of life experience they’ve had the privilege to know and construct a message that connects the idea to the audience.

    Then it needs to be transformed from the literary medium to something tangible like motion picture production- which requires meticulous Pre-Production. ​Once we’re green lit-it’s on!

  • 03.

    Field Production

    Roll Camera!
    Sound Speed!
    Camera set!!!
    And Action!!!!!

    (Huge Explosion)
    Cut! Cut! No! No! No!
    The explosion happens after the chipmunk does the
    Reset! Let’s go again please!

  • 04.


    Creative specialists preparing for final delivery. Our Post team is like the back of house team in any gourmet restaurant.

    All the ingredients get diced, mixed, combined, heated, chilled and ultimately plated.

    Sometimes we add garnish, sometimes we add salt, sometimes we add sweetness and other times vinegar is the only thing that will do.

    We have 4 Online 4K suites, a color correction suite and three world class audio suites. DCP has Post Production more than covered, we have it conquered.

    Enjoy the meal and go with the recommended pairing.

  • 05.

    Content Delivery

    Here it is audience-Bone. Ape. Ah. Teet!

    We’ve designed, concepted, and produced over 300 national advertisements with 100’s of millions of combined views. We trade the traditional barriers for open lines of communication and partner directly with your marketing teams. Through meticulous pre-production, rapid prototyping, and the highest level of precision production we create branded stories that demand engagement.

    We move the needle for our clients’ initiatives because our process is the product.


To learn more about us or give a chance to tell you more contact us. We’d love to continue telling you our story. So hopefully we can tell yours.