And now a peak behind the curtain.

Unlike some, we openly invite you to study our process and see what makes us work. Here are a few examples of the many pieces of work we are proud of. And how they came to life and more importantly made a difference for our client.

  • Braden Holtby Campaign Commercial Shoot

    We’re no stranger to creating a dramatic atmosphere when it comes to high intensity sports campaigns.  For the NHL campaign, featuring Braden Holtby of the Washington Capitals, we wanted to showcase the intensity of being an NHL goaltender, mixed with a bit of comedy.

    For us, it was all about the lights, camera and talent.  We set the tone with special lighting effects in “Defender”, and the direction to make each spot a high powered hockey experience.

  • Loves More Campaign Commercial Shoot

    The Loves More campaign was created with digital devices and streaming video platforms in mind. We wanted to craft a world where an audience could have a quick laugh, no matter what platform or device they were viewing the content on.

    To achieve both goals and stay on schedule, we designed a stereo camera rig, able to shoot for vertical, square, and HD video platforms simultaneously. Take a look at how we ddi it!

  • Drake White “Heartbeat” Music Video Interview

    As a full service studio, we pride ourselves on upholding the highest quality music production standards available.  Our goal was to bring audiences a premium sound, paired with exceptional visuals when we worked with musician Drake White on the “Heartbeat” music video and commercial campaign.

    Click to find out how the song and video came together in a Q & A session with Drake White and George Massenburg!


To learn more about us or give a chance to tell you more contact us. We’d love to continue telling you our story. So hopefully we can tell yours.